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My Two Brothers

These are my two brothers, Ben (on the left) and Kevin (on the right), juggling back and forth to each other with 'juggling balls'. They're in our front yard at the Walloon Lake house and it just amazes me that they can do that!
Here they are again, working on the Lego racing car sets... before the big race! Ben and Kevin were putting one of the cars together and it took them forever. My older sister Tiffany was putting the other car together and they were in a race to see who could put their car together the fastest... guess who won?
These are my two brothers, Kevin (on the left) and Ben (on the right), racing Ben's Lego cars that he got from big brother Kevin for Christmas. They set up a little jump on the living room table to see how far the cars could fly. They didn't fly very far!

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