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Danielle's little World on the Web!!!
423 Beech St.
Petoskey, MI 49770
United States

Hello everyone! It is me Danielle! I'm 16 1/2 yrs old and live in Petoskey, MI. I'm in the 11th grade and I attend Petoskey High School. I like to play sports, hang out with my friends, and read Seventeen or YM magazines. I started this homepage 4-30-97. I enjoy getting e-mail (and real mail) from friends and family (which could include you!) Visit my mom's homepage at Denise's Home-Sweet-Home Page. You may have seen it. Three of my best friends right now are: Katy and Maggie. I met Maggie in 1998 and she has become a really good friend. Katy and I have been friends since 7th grade. Both of their friendships mean a lot to me!!
Some of the music I like is BSB, Sublime, Christina Aguilera, Kid Rock, Jazz and Swing. I pretty much like any music other than country.
I like to watch TV and some of my favorite shows are "Drew Carey" and "Dharma and Greg". I have fallen in love with the TV shows Popular and Charmed. ER is also one of my fav's along with 'West Wing'. I LOVE collecting Blonde Jokes". If you have any good ones, you can send them to me at:

I have a page that shows 3 pictures of my brothers. One is my twin brother, Ben, and my older brother, Kevin. They aren't very recent, but you'll get the idea....

~ME    Myself, and, I!!~

Some of the things I like to do include reading VC Andrews books, writing, exercising, drawing, and SHOPPING. The lazy side of me likes to catch a flick in downtown Petoskey, talk on the phone, watch tv, read some novels from my favorite author VC Andrews, or simply just sit down at my computer and chat with some of my buds. In school im not really the athletic type, but I love to play summer softball. I'm a pitcher or play 2nd base. I also love to take a dip in Walloon Lake or in a pool when I get the chance. I love to watch football, and I hope someday I can be on a girl's football team... I think my friends would even join me! Having good friends is one of the most important things to me, and with Katy and Maggie by my side, I know I can get through any of life's messes. Katy is my soul mate and we can connect unlike any other friends I have. Maggie is like my own counselor, I can ask her anything and she will give me the best advice. Without them, my life would be a lot more hectic, and I wish I could thank them. picture of Brandy and Max, sitting side-by-side

I have a cute dog named Brandy that we've had for almost six years. She loves to beg for food and to play with her toys. Her favorite toy is her pink bunny rabbit and her favorite people-food are bananas. Her worst habit is stealing kleenex out of the kleenex box. She loves to sleep in a bed and curl up next to you. She's the perfect 'nurse' when you're home sick in bed because she never leaves your side! Brandy does lots of tricks and her best is a 'high five', (really a 'high ten') and she can dance, too. You can take the Brandy Webdog Quiz... It's lots of fun! We got another Cocker Spaniel during Christmas of 1998... his name is Max. He is also the same type of dog as Brandy, but much goofier! He loves to play, almost too much....He has the cutest howl when he gets lonely, and never leaves your side with out a kiss goodbye. I think he might be half kangaroo the way he jumps into my arms! Max is a great dog and I'm glad we got him! When we visit my other house at Walloon Lake both my dogs love to chase the chipmunks that live near the front porch and go sniffing through the tall grass. They bark at the neighbors and protect our happy home!

This is a picture of me and this is a picture of Katy. They aren't very recent, but you get the idea! She no longer has glasses or bangs...

THIS PAGE HAS BEEN VISITED AT LEAST TIMES BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING. I AM GLAD YOU CAME. If you would like to email me, here is my email address once again: