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This is the homepage of the MUSHRUSH cousins. We descend, one way or another, (directly or indirectly) from Michael MUSHRUSH through several connecting lines. (Go to the MUSHRUSH Cousins' Descendancy Chart) We share, with one another, information that we each individually glean and then email our findings to all the 'cousins' on the mailing list. If you're familiar with the MUSHRUSH surname and feel that you are a long, lost cousin, please join the mailing list.

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An Introduction written by Steven Northsea...

The first Mushrush to arrive in America is speculated to be Michael Mushrush, Sr who was born in 1758 in Scotland. Michael married Barbara Stone in 1778 in England(?). She was the daughter of John Stone and was possibly born in Rotterdam, Holland. An alternative birthplace may have been Scotland. Some Mushrush researchers believe that the children of Michael and Barbara came to America alone as teenagers since some family histories have no mention of the parents. Arriving with parents seems to be more plausible.

Every family seeks connections to royalty, etc. Mushrush researchers are no different. Family rumor has it that Barbara Stone was a lady in waiting to the Queen of Holland and that her father John was a wine merchant. Michael was supposed to be a sea captain and was master on the ship that brought the family to America. The rumor that Barbara was a lady in waiting is probably untrue since Holland had no queen at that time, but she may have associated with what royalty there was at that time.

John Stone translates in Dutch to John Steen. If he was baptized the name translates to Johannes. Mushrush researchers should look for the names John Stone, John Steen, Johanas Van Der Steen, Johannes Van De Steen, or Johannes Steen. He may have been called either John or Jan.

If Michael, Sr. was the Captain of his own ship, it may have been called the "Rose" or some derivative of the word "Rose." The 1790 Allegheny Co., PA census has a Michael Mushtrush (SIC) with a household that includes three sons under 16, and two females, no ages given. Excluding the father and mother, the balance would account for the 1800 heads of household known by Mushrush researchers. It is believed that Michael, Sr. and Barbara had five or six children. They were Michael, Jr., Solomon (?), George (?), and triplets; Rosannah, Jacob and Joseph.

It must be realized that all of this is not proved, but working hypothesis at this time. Alternative theories exist and must be explored. What is proven is that there are a large number of Mushrush descendants climbing this family tree. It is hoped that the Mushrush cousins will eventually prove or disprove this lore and reach back into our family history.

MUSHRUSH links of interest...

  • To help us understand the complexity of the documented evidence and suppositions that we have about Michael and Barbara Mushrush, Steve Mushrush has created a timeline page showing the mystery that we have before us. Please visit the: Jacob/Michael Mystery Timeline
  • Visit the Mushrush Heritage Photo Gallery where several of our ancestors' photos are featured. If you have a photo to add to this online photo collection, contact Steve Mushrush at: mushtwo@aol.com
  • Something new has been addedFor additional web-based searching on the MUSHRUSH surname, you can access the "MUSHRUSH Resource page" located at RootsWeb at the following web address: http://resources.rootsweb.com/surnames/m/u/MUSHRUSH/
  • Mini map showing the land ownership of the Mushrush family
    The Mushrush family settled in an area of Crawford Co., PA. called Conneaut Lake. By 1849, many Mushrush families were land owners and this map shows that ownership. Click on the thumbnail map to the right to access a much larger, detailed land map(71.2K).

    Several of the MUSHRUSH cousins have been posting 'queries' to the GenForum website. This NEW link will take you to the MUSHRUSH GenForum for the MUSHRUSH surname page, where we can post queries, for others to see on the MUSHRUSH surname.

    Current MUSHRUSH cousins list...

    No. Name Email Address City, State Birthdate Descendancy
    1 Melissa Anderson dns487@aol.com Clovis, CA 23 Aug DOJ
    2 Dixie Asbury asbury7@htn.net Lake Placid, FL 18 Jun DOM
    3 M. Jean Beierlein mvb1@psu.edu State College, PA 23 Oct DOJ
    4 Janice Benjamin rsorchrd@televar.com Omak, WA 20 Sep DOM
    5 Jason Benjamin jasonbenjamin@wa.freei.net - - DOM
    6 Tammy Mushrush Berger mushrush@hotmail.com McKinney, TX 4 Aug DOJ
    7 Kim Bloodgood kimberlyjane1969@hotmail.com Valley Center, CA 29 Jun DOJ
    8 Judy Christiansen JPtourist@aol.com Fayetteville, NC 13 Jun DOM
    9 Gary Coates gacoates@yahoo.com Lakeland, FL 19 Jun DO?
    10 Mary Jo Mushrush Davis mjd@mdvl.net Meadville, PA 11 Jan DOM
    11 Karl D. Dennis kdennis@toolcity.net Conneaut Lake, PA 8 Jun DOM
    12 Jeff Dudley jdud@uswest.net Moorhead, MN 2 Aug DOJ
    13 Russ Ellis russellellis@webtv.net Bertha, MN 29 Jan DOR
    14 Alan Foreman alan.foreman@atf.gov Manassas, VA 13 Aug DOJ
    15 Denise Frederick defred@charter.net Petoskey, MI 15 April DOR
    16 Virginia Gandy vg@web-access.net Coleman, TX 19 Jun DO?
    17 Martha Anne Crosley Graham mawr91@peoplepc.com Morro Bay, CA 21 Nov DOM
    18 Grace-Marie Moore Hackwell Shortyhack@aol.com Freedom, CA 26 Aug DOJ
    19 Kena Hall PUGS53@aol.com Parma Hts, OH 13 May DOJ
    20 Chris Hood hood3@hotmail.com Grove City, PA 11 Feb DO?
    21 Bev Hopkins BJHErie@aol.com Erie, PA 2 Jan DOM
    22 Harold Huston dorothyFeb18th@webtv.net O'Neals, CA 14 Aug DOJ
    23 Marcy Klaus jjklaus@ironmans.net - - DOM
    24 Linda Klimko LIN1DEN1@aol.com - 8 Jun DO?
    25 Pat Madison pam1@mach3ww.com Mason City, IA 7 Dec DOR
    26 Diane & Ken Martin kakeman@cavtel.net Sterling, VA 11 Jun DOJ
    27 Marcia Mathews Mleebru@aol.com Rapid City, SD 28 Apr DOM
    28 Donna Mazzucca
    10 Sep 1934-21 Jun 2002
    Fred Mazzucca, Jr Tinton Falls, NJ 10 Sep DOM
    29 Sandy McLean sjmclean12@hotmail.com Salem, OR - DOM
    30 Dave Mothkovich dave9759@juno.com Loves Park, IL 7 Sep DOJ
    31 Jolene Murphy 1murphy@cox-internet.com Bella Vista, AR 11 Dec DOR
    32 Brad Mushrush brad@mushrush.net Yorba Linda, CA 17 May DOJ
    33 Christopher E. Mushrush cemushr@ilstu.edu Normal, IL 16 Dec DOJ
    34 David & Joni Mushrush mush@toolcity.net Meadville, PA 20 Mar & 17 Aug DOM
    35 Eldon Mushrush mushrush@ipa.net Alma, Arkansas 29 Jul DO?
    36 Guy Mushrush Ldmushrush@email.msn.com Moncks Corner, S.C. 14 Sep DOM
    37 Grant Mushrush grantmushrush@yahoo.com Quail Valley, CA 10 Jan DOM
    38 Jason Mushrush Mushkratt@aol.com Everman, TX 27 Dec DOG
    39 Ken Mushrush kmushrush@sprynet.com Miami, OK 23 Nov DO?
    40 Kenneth H. Mushrush mush@brightok.net Stroud, OK 14 Mar DO?
    41 Marty & Rhonda Mushrush mushrush@dnvr.uswest.net Westminster, CO 8 May & 28 Sep DO?
    42 Patrick Mushrush mushrush68@hotmail.com Holts Summit, MO - DO?
    43 Robert "LeRoy" Mushrush matret@strato.net Wachula, FL 13 Mar DOM
    44 Seth Mushrush sethmushrush@hotmail.com - - DOM
    45 Steve Mushrush mushtwo@aol.com Erie, PA 24 Jan DOM
    46 Telly Mushrush klondike2020@aol.com Saint Matthews, SC - DOM
    47 Terry Mushrush tmushrush@qwest.net Trophy Club, TX 30 Mar DOM
    48 Philip Nevels pnevels@aol.com Denver, CO 6 Sep DOR
    49 Steve & Michel Northsea SNorthsea@worldnet.att.net Dunnellon, FL 2 Oct & 27 Sep DOM
    50 Pat Olson p-lolson@juno.com Forest Lake, MN 25 Nov DOR
    51 Marlene Polster mars@mail.icongrp.com Crown Point, IN 30 Oct DOM
    52 Kay Ratliff bigiron@surewest.net Newcastle, CA 13 Jul DOR
    53 Jeff Rigby rigby@berk.com Hudson, NY - DOM
    54 Sarah Robinson Krobin0311@aol.com Eldersburg, MD 5 Aug DOJ
    55 Daniel Rolph dan@rolph.com - - DOR
    56 Sandy Schroeder slschroe@intrepid.net Berkeley Springs, WV 6 Aug DOR
    57 Gigi Shafer GigiMushrush@aol.com Covington, WA 30 Nov DOM
    58 Sharon Shaw graymawkin@earthlink.net Los Angeles, CA 2 Jul DOJ
    59 Delilia Shepard tscdt@strato.net - - DOM
    60 Bob Todd bobtodd3@home.com Manassas, VA 2 Sep DJQ
    61 Nancy Wellington petlair@webtv.net O'Neals, CA 26 Jun DOJ
    62 Marilyn Wheeler kwheeler@brightok.net Stroud, OK 17 Sep DO?
    63 Ken Wicken sondreland@aol.com Springfield, MO 20 Nov DOR
    64 Dorothy Wooding dmmushrush@juno.com Carson City, NV 6 Jan DOM

    MUSHRUSH map

    This is where most of the MUSHRUSH cousins are located... this is not complete.

    Click on this link and meet the MUSHRUSH cousins by reading their biographies.

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    As of 5 Jan 2000, we now have a MUSHRUSH webpage located at MyFamily.com. This is a private website and is by invitation only. If you have an interest in joining the MUSHRUSH cousin's group, please email Denise and ask to be invited to join the MUSHRUSH MyFamily.com community website.

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