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Milan Public Library
in Washtenaw County, MI

Milan Public Library / 151 Wabash Street / Milan, MI  48160 / (313) 439-5625
Hours: Monday to Thursday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm / Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Closed Sunday)

Holdings of the Genealogy Department of the Milan Public Library

Newspaper Clipping Author Publisher Index Info Reference Number
"Aid to Genealogists - Milan, MI"
Milan Area Newspaper Clippings
Lillian Eggert Brown LH&G Vol 1 to 9 Indexed 929.3 Bro
"Milan Leader Newspaper"
Many early issues on Microfilm and Microfiche
1884 - 1992 and 1881 - 1991 (Many years missing) RLH&G Indexed R 070.1 Milan

Cemetery Records Author Publisher Reference Number
"Cemetery Readings York Township Washtenaw Co, MI"
Mooreville - Judd - York - Stoney Creek
n/a LH&G R 929.3 Cem
"Cemetery Readings 1980-81 Monroe Co, MI"
8 Cemeteries listed in this book
Freida Kellis and Shirley Keehn LH&G R 929.3 Cem
"Cemetery Readings
1980 - 81 Monroe Co, Milan Area"
Frieda Kellie and Shirley Keehn LH&G 929.3 Cem
"Azalia Cemetery Records" 1980 Shirley Keehan - Freida Kellie and Linda Ziegler LH&G 929.3 Aza

Birth & Death Records Author Publisher Reference Number
"Family Records of the Milan Area"
Vol 1, 2, 3, 4
Lillian Eggert Brown LH&G 929.2 Bro
"Death Records of Milan Area"
1885-1904 Indexed
Lillian Eggert Brown LH&G 921.1 Mil
"Death Records of Milan Area"
Lillian Eggert Brown LH&G 929.3 Bro Dea
"Vital Records Books 1-5
Washtenaw County, MI"
Indexed Jan. 15, 1907 to Nov. 2, 1949
Lillian & Carl Brown 1986 n/a n/a
"Death Records of Monroe County, MI"
Vol 1 1883-1987 w/Index
n/a LH&G 929.3 Dea

Family Genealogies Author Publisher Reference Number
"Compiled Genealogy Family Histories" Millard F. Phillips LH&G R 929.1 Phi
"Washtenaw County, Michigan, Relatives"
2 Vols. w/Surname Index
Terry Stollsteimer LH&G 929.3 Sto
"Washtenaw County Michigan Relatives" Terry Stollsteimer LH&G 929.3 Sto
"The Sanford Genealogy"
Jack Kinard Sanford LH&G R 929.4 San
"Genealogy of the Radenbaugh Family" Katherine A. Radenbaugh and Linda T. Wilfinger LH&G 929.2 Rad
"Genealogy of the Zeliff Family" 1994 Alan N. & Cliffelda A. Zeluff LH&G R 929.2 Mil
"Phillips - Miller Genealogy Search Records"
(11 Family Lines) Indexed
Millard F. Phillips LH&G 929.2 Mil
"The Gump Family in America 1732-1983 Arlo Gump LH&G 929.1 Gum
"Golden Weddings Milan Area" Lillian Eggert Brown n/a n/a
"The Descendants of Conrad Menges
1749 Immigrant to Philadelphia"
Harriet K. Stahl and John M. Mangus LH&G 921 Squires
"The Lucy Spaulding Lawson Family Diary" H. B. Rawson LH&G 921.1 Raw
"Goodhall Family History" Betty J. Goodhall LH&G R 929.2 Goo
"Andrew Murray 1781 - 1850" Electa Hoover, Luella Obsharsky and Jessie Seven LH&G 929.2 Hoo
"Maynard - Farrington - Moore Family" Mark McKelvey LH&G R 977.2 May

Other Genealogy Related Records Author Publisher Reference Number
"Milan Area Family Bible Transcriptions" Millard F. Phillips LH&G R 929.1 Phi<
"Michigan Surnames"
Vol 1 & 2 Michigan Genealogical Council
n/a n/a n/a
"Michigan Census, County Histories, Vital Records" Dept. of Management & Budget 1986 LH&G R 016.929 Sou
"Combined Atlas of Washtenaw County"
1874 - 1895 - 1915
Everts & Stewart n/a n/a
"Milan Scenes Through the Years" Lillian Eggert Brown LH&G 977.4 Bro
"Milan Area Pictures of the Past" Lillian Eggert Brown 977.435 Bro LH&G

Name of Book Author Publisher Reference Number
"Historical New Items 1880-1890 of the Milan-Dundee Michigan Area" Lillian Eggert Brown LH&G 977.435 Bro
History of Washtenaw County, Michigan 1881
2 Vols.
Charles Chapman LH&G 977.435 His
Historical News Items - Milan-Dundee Area Lillian Eggert Brown LH&G 977.435 Bro
"Resurrection of a Dead Village"
Mooreville, Washtenaw County, Michigan
Donald R. Searfoss n/a n/a
"Past And Present of Washtenaw County, Michigan" Samuel Beakes LH&G 977.435 Bea