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This is the biography page of the MUSHRUSH cousins. Distance prevents us from meeting each other, as our group of cousins live all over the United States. This webpage has been created in order to know a little bit about each other. We descend, one way or another, (directly or indirectly) from Michael MUSHRUSH, Sr. through several connecting lines. We share, with one another, information that we each individually glean and then email our findings to all the 'cousins' on the mailing list. If you're familiar with the MUSHRUSH surname and feel that you are a long, lost cousin, please email Denise Frederick and I'll let you know how you can join the MUSHRUSH mailing list.

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Current MUSHRUSH cousins Biographies list...

Melissa Anderson

Dixie Asbury

M. Jean Beierlein

Tammy Mushrush Berger

Judy Christiansen

Gary Coates

Mary Jo Mushrush Davis

Karl D. Dennis

Jeff Dudley

Denise Frederick
My name is Denise E. (Beckwith) Frederick and I'm married to Terry and have four children, Kevin Schmidt , whom I adopted out and reunited with on 8 Sep 1996, Tiffany Frayer, and twins: Danielle and Ben Frederick (8 May 1984). I was born in Ann Arbor, MI on 15 Apr. I started researching during the summer of 1995 and my first connection with the MUSHRUSH line was with Karl who contacted me, by internet, in the fall of 1996. I live in a little resort town in northern Michigan called Petoskey and have lived here since 1976. I am an advertising sales rep at our local daily newspaper and am very involved in our Emmet County Genealogical Society as its VP. I am also a volunteer internet website Coordinator in the nationwide USGenWeb Genealogy Project for three Michigan counties: Emmet Co, St Joseph Co. and Washtenaw Co. During the fall of 1998, I started teaching "Genealogy and the Internet" classes through the Petoskey Adult Education program. I am the "Un-official" Welcome Wagon committee for the MUSHRUSH mailing list and maintain the MUSHRUSH homepage. In my spare time, I sleep.

Martha Anne Crosley Graham
I am Martha Anne Crosley Graham, born to Le Roy Burton Crosley, Sr and Fairy Anne Fitzgerald on 21 November 1939. I have 3 children, 4 grandchildren, a garden, a job, a husband who treats me great [and puts up with my continuing search for Family] - his and mine and others that come by. I have half-sisters, and a real brother. My Father died when I was 4 years old and my Mother remarried... so part of the reason for my quest for family stems from not knowing anything about the Crosley's. I was a single parent for many years, not always the best of times, but we made it through the stormy teen years and today my children are reasonably well adjusted. I am related in a very convoluted way to the Mushrush's... sideways through Samuel Garwood and Rebecca Crosley! But kin is thicker than almost anything on the face of the earth, so I fit...

I have a varied work career, Wholesale Hardware, Nuclear Plant Security Guard [under construction], Swap Meet [Snak Bar Manager and Latrine Orderlie] and most recently [15 years] Retail Drug Chain - Rite Aid [formerly a Thrifty Drug Store]: I also worked with mentally ill adults in various settings.

I decided way back in the 80's that I should go back to school and finish up... well after 4 years of work and school I came away with a BS in Human Development and a minor in Psyche. Thus, I am the 'resident shrink' at work...

My expertise with computers is a natural evolvement from the days when I built radios. I have always been interested in how things work, so when systems go down, I am the first one on the scene to see why! Perhaps I should have been a systems analyst...

Grace-Marie Moore Hackwell

Kendra Marie "Kena" Hall
I was born in Dearborn, Michigan May 13, 1966 and lived in Garden City, Mi. Met my husband Russell Edward Hall, born in Detroit, MI on April 14, 1962. When I was still in High School we dated for 4 yrs. before we got married. His job transferred us to Parma Heights, Oh and we have been here for almost 13 yrs. We have no kids but we do have 2 very spoiled pug dogs named Molly & Kerfee. I work at Dairy Farmers of America which is a Dairy Co-op and Russ is a Training Supervisor with Payless shoes. He has been with them for 14 yrs. I guess you could say I am the in-law-cousin. Here is the way it looks for us.

Michael Sr., Jacob, Sr., Michael, Michael, Michael & Donna Mushrush Hall. Donna is/was my mother-in-law. She passed away in September of 1998. One day my mother was talking about family history when I was in for a visit and I thought that I would try to see what I could find out on the computer. So I went home and started looking around and I couldn't believe how much information I could find on the computer so I became hooked. I am pretty new at this because I just started in June 1998. I have had very good luck to start and I have a few brickwalls but I think that is what makes it interesting. How much fun would it be to find everything in the first place you looked. Anyway after my mother-in-law passed away I became appointed by my brother-in-law to be the one to find the family history for the Mushrush's and Hall's. I had found Denise back in Nov. or Dec. but I didn't have any real information so I called an Aunt who lives in Traverse City, Mi because she was the oldest sister of Donna. She just this past week sent me the information that she could remember. I e-mailed Denise and by Saturday, I had a connection to the Mushrush's. I called the Aunt to let her know and she was excited she just couldn't believe it. She is 84 yrs. old and now she has her family history. I get real joy out of this to see the excitement it brings to other family members. Sorry this is so long. You may reach us at

6953 Parma Park Blvd
Parma Hts. Ohio 44130
(440) 886-0650

Chris Hood

Bev Hopkins

Harold Huston
My name is Harold Hyman Huston. I was born in North Hollywood, California on August 14, l907. Today is my 92nd birthday. I am the 5th and last child of Charles Henry Huston and Clara Bell Caldwell Huston. When I was born I weighed in at 1 pound and a half. The doctor did not think I would live. My sisters lined a cigar box with cotton for my crib. The only thing that would fit me was their doll clothes. My mother's wedding ring fit over my wrist and a coffee cup could fit on my head. I was always the smallest of my friends growing up until I turned eighteen. Then I reached 5 feet 8 inches tall. My father played the piano at the Orphium Theatre in Hollywood for silent movies. When I was 6 years old my folks moved to Fresno, California for the dry fresh air as my father was then bed ridden with tuberculosis. My mother was a nurse and took care of him until his death in l914 at the age of 38. I was 6 years old at the time. We lost touch with the rest of the Huston family. It is so nice to hear that I have some cousins out there. When I was 16, I bought a new l925 Model T Ford for $840.00. The payments were $20.00 per month. I was working as cleanup boy at Fresno Body Shop. Then on my lunch hour I learned to straighten fenders in the back of the shop. The boss noticed and liked my work and hired me to do body work and eventually I became shop foreman. After working there for 10 years, I built my own shop. I called it "General Body & Fender Works". I have a daughter by a former marriage named Gloria Jean. She grew up and married Don Skoglund. She worked for and retired from the Internal Revenue Service. During World War 2, I worked at the Army Airforce Base in Fresno, CA (Hammer Field). We worked on the airplanes that were in need of repairs and patched up gunshot holes. I still kept my body shop going too. I became boss of my shift at the hanger. Dorothy Elizabeth Seeman also worked at Hammer Field. When the work ended there, we all went our seperate ways. Dorothy went to college and I ran my body shop. We started dating and July l5, l945 we were married. The war ended a month later. We had 3 children--- Dr. Ronald George Huston, Ph.D who is married to Linda Burkett Huston--- Charlotte Rae Huston, is a Lab. Tech. and owns a janitorial business--- Nancy Elizabeth Huston Wellington, former Stand-up comedian in Las Vegas. She and husband Wayne own "Pet Amusement Lair" (animal habitat). After 22 years, we sold General Body Works. Then from 1949-1953 Dorothy and I reopened the historical River View Park in Fresno County. The park was seasonal and I started up "Harold's Body Shop" in Clovis, California. We lived in Clovis for 33years. Dorothy worked at the CA State Pathology Lab for 20 years. We both retired and moved to a beautifull 160 acre cattle ranch in the foorhills of the Sierra Nevadas in Madera County. We enjoy our children, our 10 grandchildren and our10 great grandchildren. I am still in good health and work hard on our ranch. I am a grandson of John Huston and Sarah Ann Mushrush. Rosa May Huston Carner born in l871 was my Aunt. She is also Grace Marie Hackwell's grandmother. Earl Maroni Huston is my uncle. My nephew, Charles Houston has been corresponding with Grace Marie over the years. He brought the family history information and pictures that he obtained from Grace Marie to my 90th birthday party and we got so excited when we saw the picture of Sarah Ann Mushrush and all of her family.... My Mushrush ancestry is as follows: Michael Mushrush, Jacob Mushrush and Catherine Saltsman, Jacob Mushrush and Jane Bruce. Sarah Ann Mushrush (l840..OH) and John Huston (l841..Scot), Charles Henry Huston (b.l876) and Clara Bell Caldwell (b.1882) Then myself--Harold Hyman Huston.

Pat Madison

Jolene Murphy

Brad Mushrush

Christopher E. Mushrush

David & Joni Mushrush

Eldon Mushrush
My full name is Cecil Eldon Mushrush, I was born on Jul 29, 1935 to Lawrence and Ouida Mushrush at Des Arc, Prairie Co., AR. I have two brothers and one sister. Both of my parents are deceased. I am married to Margaret Rose Furgeson and we have one son, Ken who is on your list already, listed in Miami, OK, where he was born, however, actually lives in Loiusville, KY. We have no grandkids, yet. I have been employed in the retail business since gratuating from High School, having spent several yeras with the F.W. Woolworth Co., T.G.& Y. stores, and will be retiring on January 28, 2000, from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. I mentioned my father whose father was Lincoln Mushrush and is buried in Hunter, AR. Over the years, I have traveled to various parts of the country and always looked for Mushrush in the phone books. On several occasions, I have met several Mushrushes. I have heard various stories of the origin, but I'm not sure if anyone really knows.

Jason Mushrush

Ken Mushrush

Kenneth H. Mushrush

Marty & Rhonda Mushrush

Steve Mushrush

Terry Mushrush

Philip A. Nevels

Steve & Michel Northsea

Pat Olson

Marlene Polster

Kay Ratliff

Sandy Schroeder
I am Sandy (Roche) Schroeder and am married to George. We celebrated our 25th anniversary Aug. 3, 1999. We have six children, ages 23 to 38. His, hers, and ours. Two beautiful granddaughters. I was born in Meadville, PA August 6. Although I am not in a direct line with MUSHRUSH, I do have two different lines marrying into my maternal line. Somehow or other, the buck was passed to me at the reunion in 1998 to continue the family history. I also volunteer for Morgan Co., WV for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness and Lori Hoffman's CD volunteers.

Gigi Shafer
Geneva Joyce (Mushrush) Shafer was born Nov. 30, 1929, Pasadena, Ca. Father: Walter George Mushrush, mother Helen M. Chalk, eloped in 1927 and moved to Idaho. Father died from pneumonia when she was 6. He had been working as a mechanic for a gold mining company in Oatman, Az. Mother later married a miner named William Sunbury, and they continued living in Oatman until WWII, when the gold mining operations were shut down.

They moved back to Pasadena where she attended Washington Jr. Hi and Pasadena Jr. College. In 1952 during the Korean War she married a Navy sailor named Richard Shafer. In 1957 Richard was promoted to commissioned officer status in the Navy's Civil Engineer Corp. and decided to make a career of the Navy. Richard's Navy assignments included tours of duty at Subic Bay in the Philippines, Albuquerque, NM, Troy, N.Y., Port Hueneme, Ca., Midway Is. in the Pacific, Patuxent River, MD, the Philippines again, Gulfport, Ms, DaNang, Viet Nam, Austin, Tx. Casper, Wy, Adak, Ak and Barrow, Ak. She followed him to most of those places. Richard retired in 1975 and worked for the Oil Industry in Alaska focusing on environmental issues. He retired from f.t. employment in 1991 and moved to the Seattle area but he still does some consulting.

Along the way they had three great children. 1) Victoria Ellen (Tori) b) 1955, married to Charles Bell an electrical engineer with Boeing. Tori is an art teacher. Tori and Charlie have three children. 2) David born in 1957. Graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and has enjoyed a career with the submarine service. He is married to Mary Busch. They have two adopted daughters and now have a daughter of their own born in 1998. 3) Joycelyn (Joy) was born in 1960. She is a software testing specialist and is married to Jeffery Herrin, a programmer with Adobe Systems. Joy & Jeff have one daughter, born 1996.

I became involved in the Girl Scouts when Tori was a Brownie and I continued to be active during our various Navy moves as a leader, camp counselor, Neighborhood Chairman, trainer, and public relations spokesperson. While Richard was assigned in the Philippines I attended a Girl Scout conference in Tokyo, Japan, as a representative of the Girl Scout programs at various US military bases in the Philippines. I took further training and gave classes at various bases. I have been active in navy League, Toastmistresses and church activities.

When 50 I returned to college and earned a AA degree in interior design. I enjoy reading, photography and gardening. I am a member of the American Rose Society. We enjoy travel, we have a motorhome and have seen a good part of the US and Canada.

Richard and I have been accumulating information on our ancestors for about 5 yrs. We have been using Parsons "Family Origins" genealogy program.

Decendancy Listing for Geneva Joyce Mushrush Shafer

Michael Mushrush Sr., Michael Mushrush Jr., Jacob Mushrush, George Mushrush, Charles Milton Mushrush, Walter George Mushrush, GiGi

Geneva Joyce Shafer
26127 162nd St. SE
Covington, WA 98042
(253) 639-0927

Sharon Shaw

Nancy Wellington
My name is Nancy Huston Wellington. I was born in Clovis, California on June 26th, 1957. My parents are Harold and Dorothy Huston. I have two sisters and one brother. I have been living in Las Vegas for the past 20 years. My husband Wayne and I breed ferrets. We also have an invention that we have two patents on, called the, "Pet Amusement Lair". I was a stand-up comedian for three years in Las Vegas and California until I had to direct all my attention to our invention. My ancestry is as follows: Michael Mushrush, Jacob Mushrush and Catherine Saltsman, Jacob Mushrush and Jane Bruce, Sarah Ann Mushrush and John Huston, Charles Huston and Clara Bell Caldwell, and their son Harold Huston, who is my father.

Ken Wicken

Dorothy Wooding

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If you are a descendant of Michael MUSHRUSH, please email Denise Frederick and ask to join our little cousin list.

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