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Emmet County Genealogical Society

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Board meeting Minutes from 26 Jun 2000

Minutes of the 26 June 2000, Executive meeting of the Officers of the E.C.G.S.
Denise Frederick opened the meeting at 7:08 p.m. at the Petoskey Big Boy.
Present were:
	Denise Frederick-President
	Earlyne Achelpohl-Vice President 
	Alta Munson-Treasurer
	Jocelyn Malak-Recording Secretary
	Donna Case Johnson-Correspondence Secretary
	Dennis McCullough-Past President
Old business: Earlyne Achelpohl passed all treasurer's responsibilities on to Alta Munson and officially welcomed her. New business: Denise handed out goal sheets.
The goals that were discussed: 
Short term goals: 
                         1. Maintain membership and grow in numbers
                         2. Make a portion of the meeting into a workshop 
                         3. Get others to volunteer 
                         4. Name tags 
                         5. Picture of new officers 
                         6. Items to be submitted to Club News and Tea Table Talk 
                         7. Meetings announced in PNR and speaker mentioned 
                         8. Give old and new members something for their money 
                         9. Cemetery project 
                       10. Re-establish newsletter-Quest 
                       11. Field trips 
                       12. Speakers for winter months 
                       13. Map of Emmet county with cemetary listings 
                       14. Create notebooks 
Long term goals: 
                        1. Answer queries 
                        2. Accomplish short term goals 
                        3. Set up committees 
                        4. Lookups 
Website has been updated with new officers names. Donna will be working with Denny on queries. Membership cards will be made by Alta and mailed out by Donna. The 501C3 status was discussed and Denise is checking on this. News letter editor, Lowell Kosloskey has resigned. A volunteer Patrick McCleary is interested in the position. He will need our help and supplies. Next executive meeting is in August-will be notified via e-mail or phone. July 18, 2000 date set for first cemetery outing at 6 p.m. Cemetery and details to be announced at July meeting. Information on society functions is to be submitted to the PNR. And information on the society to be distributed to the Emmet County Courthouse, Petoskey Public Library, N.C.M.C., and the Emmet County Historical Society, and the Family History Center. Possible speakers for this year were discussed. Post cards re-welcoming former members will be created and sent. And incentives for volunteering will be established. Alta is creating membership forms.
Earlyne Achelpohl made the motion to adjourn the meeting. 
Donna Case Johnson seconded it. 
Meeting was closed at 10:15 
Respectfully submitted, 
Jocelyn M. Malak
Recording Secretary
Amendment to the minutes:
Denise Frederick announced the appointment of Teresa Huerta as the new 2000-2001 ECGS Historian.
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