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Hi, I'm James Christopher Ross, or J.C. to my friends, and I'm the newest addition to my family. My Mommy and Daddy are Karla and Jim Ross and we live in Charleston, South Carolina where I was born on April 9, 1998 really, really early in the morning (2:48 a.m.)...sorry Mommy and Daddy! I weighed 8lbs. and 14oz. and I was 21 1/2" on my birth day. My Charleston, S.C. Grandma and Grandpa are Nancy and Frank Hirdning and my New York Grandma and Grandpa are Linda and Mike Ross. I have an Aunt Kelly and an Uncle Jeff who live in Charleston and an Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Phil who live in New York. My Great Grandma Nana Crosby lives in Maine. I have a bunch of cousins and Great Aunts and Great Uncles, but I don't know all of their names yet.

These are the things I like best so far:

      Eating and snuggling

      My naps

      A stroll in the carriage

      Hugs and kisses from everyone!