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Starr Cemetery....
Emmet County, Michigan

This information generously provided by ECGS member Daniel Roache
22 Jul 2000

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LOCATION: Northwest corner of section 19, Pleasantview Township, Emmet Co., MI on Stutsmanville Road.

CEMETERY TYPE: Township Cemetery, Independant



ACTIVITY: No longer in use

OLDEST STONE: Circa 1885

TRANSCRIBED BY: Daniel Roache for the Emmet County Genealogical Society and the Emmet Co., MI USGenWeb homepage


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A note to the researcher: While there are approximately 25 known burials in the Starr Cemetery, there are relatively few grave markers. It can be assumed that many graves may have been originally marked with wooden crosses. There are vestiges of some wooden markers at the date of this publication (1999) and some field stones with no engraving have also been used to mark burials.

Additional information on unmaked burials at the Starr Cemetery is from the records and notes of Mr. Elmer Wurst, Pleasantview Township Supervisor from 1957-1988 and the Cemetery information File of Greenwood Cemetery in Petoskey, Michigan.
(--------------- indicated illegible handwriting)

(Words in italics are the transcriber's explanatory notes)

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Although these names are in alphabetical order, there are other surnames interspersed throughout. To activate the 'find' feature on your web browser, click on the following keys on your keyboard. For MACintosh computer: 'Apple' then 'F'. For IBM computer: 'Ctrl' then 'F'. Enter the surname of your choice and click on the 'Find' button.

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Name (Last, First) Death Lot# Marker Sources and Notes
-----ell 5/16/1906 Y *(b. 8/21/1869, 36y, 8m, 25d,
damaged lettering
Cooley, Bert N **
Cooley, Ralph 12/27/1910 N **baby
Gleason, Emilie F. 1885 Y *(b. 1882)
Gleason, Emmet W. 1885 Y *(b. 1877)
Gorson, Wade 2/24/1904 Y *(b. 1/15/1904, baby)
Gregg, William 1888 N ***
Grosskoff, Kate N ***
Hoddinott, Esther 6/4/1893 Y */***(b. 1892, buried 6/5/1893, child,
Erwin Funeral Home, Harbor Springs
Hoddinott, George H. 1883 Y *(b. 1882, child)
Hoddinott, Joseph 10/10/1900 6 N **
Hoddinott, Joseph H. 1924 Y *(b. 1842, father)
Hoddinott, Mina J. 1910 Y *(b. 1851, mother)
Mamie 1917 Y *(b. 1875)
Maples, Andrew 12/23/1905 11 Y */**(b. 1840)
Maples, Nellie 9/29/1906 11 N **
Proulx, George Y *(Lieutenant Co. E. 127th N. Y. Inf.,
G. A. R.)
Proulx, Jennie 9/5/1906 7 N **
Starr, Delia Wilma 1894 Y *(b. 1874, daughter)
Starr, Dottie 3/21/1895 Y ***(Erwin Funeral Home,
Harbor Springs
Starr, John Wesley 1885 Y *(b. 1835, father)
Voorhiees, Frank 3/26/1901 19 N **
Wade, Isaac 11/19/1893 Y */***(Co. C., 5th Iowa Cav., G. A. R.,
buried 11/20/1893, Erwin Funeral
Home, Harbor Springs

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1.      Isaac WADE / Co. C. / 5th Iowa Cav. 
	(A civil war veteran G-A.R. marker is also placed on this grave).
2.      Father / Andrew MAPLES / 1840 - 1905
3.      Lieut. Geo. PROULX / Co. E. / 127th N.Y. INF. 
	(A civil war veteran G-A.R. marker is also placed on this grave).
4.      Emmet W. / Son of / M & E.W. / GLEASON  1877-1885
5.      Emilie F. / Dau of / M & E.W. / GLEASON  1882-1985
6.      Father / John Wesley STARR / 1835 - 1885 
	(Stone appears to be relatively new and not contemporary with the burial).
7.      Daughter / Delia Wilma STARR / 1835 - 1894 
	(Stone appears to be relatively new and not contemporary with the burial).
8.      Joseph H. / HODDINOTT / 1842 - 1924 / Father
        Mina J.  /  HODDINOTT / 185 I - 1910 / Mother
9.      ---- ELL  Bom / Aug 21,1869 / Died / May 16,
        1906 / Aged 36 yrs / 8mos & 25days
        (Top of stone damaged and is partly illegible).
10.     Babe / Wayne GORSON / Bom / Jan l5,1904
        Died / Feb 24, 1904
II.     GEORGE  (A small foot stone).
12.     ESTER  (A small foot stone).
13.     George H. / 1882 -1883 / Ester / 1892-1893
        Children of J.H & M J. / HODDINOTT
        HODDINOTT (On base).
14.     MAMIE / 1875-1917

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This data, like each new piece of information, must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence & it is always best to consult original primary material for verification.

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